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Build Your Listing

Select a pricing plan and you will be prompted to add your business details. (Details requested will change based on plan chosen.)

Business name, tagline, type of service/s, location, opening hours, about you, business address, business contact details, FAQa, social media links, videos, logo, gallery pictures and featured image. (Most of the fields are not mandatory unless stated, however we recommend that you add as much information with visuals as possible for the best results.)

Once you have added your business details, you can save and preview your listing.

If you are happy, you can continue to the pay and publish  screen or make amendments and preview again. 

The payment and publish screen, will prompt you to proceed to payment. 


You will need to highlight your business and make payment via PayPal. (You can add a discount code if available.) 

Once payment is made, an invoice will be generated along with a prompt stating your listing is awaiting to be published by Admin. 

Our admin team will review your submission and accept as long as your business adheres to our terms and conditions.

You will receive a confirmation email along with your username and password. 

When you log in, you can change your password in your profile setting if required. You will also get access to your very own dashboard where you can add, delete and make changes to your listing. There are many more features that can be used within the dashboard to help promote and grow your business. 

Add Listing Help/Support

Please detail the issues/problems you have experienced when trying to add your business/listing.

Frequently asked questions

We have 3 plans to choose from, which are the Free, Basic and Premium. Each plan has different features and associated costs. 

Choose the plan which best suits your business and budget.

We aim to keep our prices as competitive as possible. You will receive a reminder email towards the end of your annual contract. The email will have a full list of options and associated costs. 

Once you register your business, you will get access to your own personal portal when you sign in. The portal has many features and allows you to make unlimited changes.

Here at Midlands Wedding Directory, we offer each supplier the chance to have their very own designated web page which they have control over their product or service through videos, text, photo galleries, social media links.

There is also a rating option which is very important when customers are deciding on who they should use.  

You can also offer special discounts through the portal and at a premium have your listing show on our Home Page and on other competitors ADs.

As part of the vision for Midlands Wedding Directory, we are looking to to grow the volume of businesses promoting their services.

In 2021, we will be offering a select number of businesses based on reviews and other factros the chance to provide their service as part of a package deal through us.